At 14th Lane Urban Hotel, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of both guests and staff while remaining environmentally conscious. To help achieve this we have actively adopted the following 

  • Waste Wise - cut waste by adopting REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE guidelines and practices 
  • Water Wise – use of water efficient products and reduction of water waste 
  • Energy Wise - cut down on energy waste using energy efficient appliances, lighting and air conditioning. All windows and doors are fitted with double glazing and the building is well insulated and ventilated to reduce energy loss and create a healthier environment 

Key Sustainable Initiatives include 

  • Rubbish recycling and composting facilities, including the Nespresso coffee pod recycling program 
  • The use of steam cleaning and eco-friendly cleaning products 
  • Natural and refillable NZ made luxury bathroom and kitchen amenities and consumables
  • Fresh milk provided in refillable bottles 
  • Linen and towel in room reuse encouraged
  • Room servicing is daily, with a linen change on the third day or earlier by request. This serves to reduce the excessive use of cleaning products and water. 

We also subscribe strongly to the Tiaki Promise (Tiaki meaning to care and protect),a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for our future generations ..... to look after this incredible part of the world. By instilling a sense of responsibility to commit to good behavior at all times, it inspires Kiwis to protect their land, and tourists to become guardians of the places they visit

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